LogRhythm releases True Unlimited Data Plan

Wednesday October 2, 2019 0 comments Tags: Boulder, LogRhythm, Mark Logan

BOULDER -- LogRhythm announced it launched the first True Unlimited Data Plan for its NextGen SIEM.LogrhtyhmlogoUSEFINAL

Historically, organizations have paid more as data ingestion increased. While others in the industry have previously claimed to support unlimited data plans, they have always come with a catch.

LogRhythm said it is changing that in an effort to provide predictability for CISOs combating the risk of unprotected data.

Big data volumes are growing exponentially, and the amount and severity of breaches continue to rise. CISOs are feeling the brunt of it as the cost to protect the vast amount of data in their environment might double -- or even triple -- year-over-year.

To stay within budget, they must make difficult and risky decisions about which data they will choose not to monitor and protect.

“We recognize the financial burden and security risk making this tradeoff can create,” said Mark Logan, LogRthythm CEO.

“LogRhythm’s new True Unlimited Data Plan solves the problem for both CISOs and CFOs by allowing them to fully protect their enterprise with 100 percent data ingestion at a fixed and predictable cost -- no tiers, no surprises, no fine print. As the industry’s largest pureplay SIEM platform, we feel a responsibility to lead the market with a truly unlimited capacity licensing model.”

LogRhythm said 2019 is set to be the “worst year ever for data breaches” with more than 3.2 billion records breached so far. To be successful in protecting their organizations against cyber risk, CISOs must ensure that they have complete, holistic visibility of their environments, the company said.

“At Presidio, we are focused on building agile, secure, digital solutions in a multi-cloud world for our customers,” said Vinu Thomas, CTO.

“Security is of paramount importance, and it’s all-pervasive. Data is being generated at the edge, access, campus, branch, data center and cloud. CISOs shouldn’t be forced to restrict the amount of the data and what they protect, but unfortunately, that’s often the case.

“Not only does LogRhythm’s unlimited data plan allow CISOs to free themselves of these restrictions, but it also lets them do so at a consistent price point. They don’t have to continuously ask their board for increasing amounts of money that doesn’t even allow them to protect everything in their environment.”

LogRhythm’s new model is available to all businesses worldwide. Customers new to LogRhythm can start with an unlimited data plan immediately, and existing customers that want to migrate to the model can begin transitioning as well, the company said.

LogRhythm said its perpetual licensing option will also remain.

“LogRhythm’s unlimited data plan allows us to offer predictability in pricing for organizations interested in purchasing LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM, no matter their environmental needs,” said Chris Stolley, Optiv senior VP of partner alliances.

“In a world where the size of data stores is exponentially increasing, removing any limitations to the amount of data that can be collected by normalizing the price provides greater assurance in security and pricing to our customers.”