Liteye Systems, Numerica Corp. partner to develop counter UAS systems

Wednesday July 19, 2017 0 comments Tags: Centennial, Fort Collins, Liteye Systems, Numerica Corp., Thomas Scott, Jeff Poore, AUDS

CENTENNIAL/FORT COLLINS -- Centennial-based Liteye Systems, Inc., provider of the AUDS counter drone defense system deployed with U.S. military forces in combat, and Fort Collins-based Numerica Corporation, creator of robust solutions that protect valuable assets in mission-critical environments, announced a partnership to develop enhanced abilities for Liteye’s counter UAS systems.numerica-logo

“Our team is happy to partner with Numerica as we work to continuously improve our abilities to detect, track, identify, and defeat rogue Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) threatening our US forces and critical infrastructure around the world,” said Thomas Scott, Liteye Systems president.

“As the legitimate use of unmanned aircraft explodes across many industries, they become readily available for illicit use by our enemies. With the right combination technologies, our team provides coverage to our warfighters, while they conduct their mission of protecting against those who wish all of us harm.”

Over the last nine months, the AUDS system has been utilized in combat by U.S. military, including the recent battle of Mosul where it defeated large numbers of drones.

AUDS is a second-generation system that detects, tracks, identifies and defeats UAS threats, Liteye said. The AUDS system utilizes state-of-the-art radar, precision thermal and daylight cameras, advanced video tracking, and non-kinetic defeat capabilities.liteye-systems-logo

AUDS is a TRL-9 level system, and is in full production. The next generation of the system is well underway and will begin testing and qualifications in August, the company said.

“Our team at Numerica is excited to partner with Liteye in the further development of the AUDS counter UAS defense system,” said Jeff Poore, Numerica president.

“Since our development and demonstration of counter unmanned systems capabilities with the Air Force in 2008, we have continued to advance key technologies in this domain.

“We are looking forward to working with Liteye to bring these technologies into the AUDS to stay ahead of drone threats as they grow in sophistication.”