Laser Technology announces release of improved TruPulse lasers

Wednesday April 18, 2018 0 comments Tags: Centennial, Laser Technology, TruPulse 200, lasers, Eric Miller

CENTENNIAL -- Laser Technology Inc. (LTI), manufacturer of professional-grade laser rangefinders, announced the release of the new and improved TruPulse® 200L and TruPulse® 200 lasers.laser-technology-logo

Measuring far more than distance, the original TruPulse product line of laser measurement tools have been widely adopted across electric utilities, telecommunications, forestry, construction and various other industries.

LTI said the new TruPulse 200 and TruPulse 200L compact professional laser rangefinders begin the next chapter in LTI’s mission to deliver superior measurement capabilities more easily, more accurately and at a more affordable price.

“The TruPulse 200 is LTI’s most popular laser measurement tool we have made to date,” said Eric Miller, LTI president, “so we wanted to reinvest in the features, functionality, and capabilities of an already-proven model to enhance professional measurement processes across the world.” 

LTI said demand for laser field measurement devices has grown significantly over the years because of the increased safety and efficiencies they provide over alternative solutions.

While today’s field crews can affordably obtain accurate data without having to negotiate rugged terrain, climb trees, or constantly reposition, LTI’s breakthrough data collection technology more than 25 years ago laid the foundation for the modern ubiquity of laser measurement technology, the company said.

LTI said it broke ground in professional measurement in 1992 as the first company to integrate electronic data collection with sensors to measure inclination, azimuth and reflectorless distance measurement in its Criterion 400.

After a partnership with Bushnell Optics in 1994 to create the first low-cost recreational rangefinder for golfing and hunting, LTI went on to deliver the Impulse -- a more compact yet still rugged, lower-cost professional rangefinder that measured distance and height easily and accurately.

LTI continued innovating on these technologies, and in 2006 the company released the original TruPulse 200, a truly unique laser rangefinder because of its affordability, its compactness and its survey-like capabilities, which easily provides measurements for horizontal distance, slope distance, vertical distance, inclination and heights.

With the release of the new TruPulse 200 and TruPulse 200L laser rangefinders, LTI said it continues to demonstrate its ability and commitment to delivering the most value to professionals across many applications and industries.

LTI said the wireless-enabled TruPulse 200 is 33 percent more accurate than previous models and features superior optics with a 25 percent improvement in target acquisition.

In addition to a lower price, the TruPulse 200L is 50 percent more accurate and features a higher range resolution.

Both models enable users to view data values right in the scope and receive instant feedback on the accuracy of the measurement for more reliable data collection. Both devices now come standard with a two-year limited warranty, doubling the one offered on previous models.