LBA Realty to save nearly $2M on energy projects aided by Black Bear Energy

Monday May 21, 2018 Tags: Boulder, Black Bear Energy, LBA Realty, Roman Gunther, Perry Schonfeld

BOULDER -- LBA Realty’s battery storage and LED projects are expected to deliver $1.9M in energy savings with the help of Boulder-based Black Bear Energy.

The projects are estimated to save the properties more than $1.9 million dollars over the next 10 years. The projects were facilitated by Black Bear Energy Inc., who partnered with LBA Realty.Black_Bear_logoUSE

Over the past 12 months, LBA has installed three battery storage projects at three sites in Southern California Edison (SCE) electric territory, for a combined 1.4 MW/ 2.8 MWh of indoor onsite storage.

It includes a 2.5 MWh system at Park Place -- which at the time it was announced was the largest indoor battery storage system in the world.

To date, the three systems, which were installed between December 2016 and January 2018, are estimated to save the properties $130,000 per year. In addition, LBA recently executed two additional systems with STEM, that once installed, will bring LBA’s combined storage totals to 2MW/4.35 MWh.

The projects are owned and operated by intelligent energy storage from California-based firm, Stem.

The battery storage projects not only deliver automated electricity savings to the properties, but also serve California’s electricity grid, by providing on-call demand reduction to help SCE balance the grid during peak times.

Four of the installations are part of SCE’s initiative to help relieve grid congestion in the West Los Angeles Basin region using a variety of methods namely energy storage.

The storage systems serve to reduce the local grid’s reliance on fossil-fueled power plants and improve overall electricity reliability in the region.

“The intelligent storage system has delivered automated energy cost savings without impacting tenants’ comfort or operations,” said Roman Gunther, LBA Realty’s director of engineering.

“In addition, the detailed software system gives a more granular view showing how the building is operating.”

The system’s robust software platform calls on the batteries to store power when energy costs are low, then rapidly deploys it to avoid expensive peaks.

“In the future, we expect storage opportunities to become viable at more of our properties, as the cost of storage continues to decrease, demand charges increase, and as we see more utility companies incentivize grid flexibility,” said Perry Schonfeld, LBA Realty principal and COO.

“It is our goal to get comfortable with these systems so we can continue to roll out storage as it makes sense in new geographies offering new cost-saving opportunities at more of our properties.”

LBA Realty, in partnership with Black Bear Energy, also implemented lighting retrofits at four properties that are estimated to save them over $100,000 a year in energy savings, and reduce the use of energy related to lighting by on average 73%.

The projects paybacks are 1.6-4 years with multiple LED vendors including FSG, Every Watt Matters and LED Wired.

Black Bear partnered with LBA in identifying prospects within their portfolio, selecting vendors in the storage and LED space and overseeing construction and installation.

“Black Bear has enabled us to remain on the cutting edge of new technologies that will help to improve our business, provide benefits to our tenants and our bottom line, and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability,” said Schonfeld.