KromaTiD announces opening of new corporate headquarters in Longmont

Thursday March 28, 2019 0 comments Tags: Longmont, KromaTid, Christopher Tompkins

LONGMONT -- KromaTiD, Inc. today announced the opening of the company’s new corporate headquarters in Colorado's Boulder County biotech hub.Kromatid_logoUSE

The new facility includes corporate offices as well as dedicated research, development and production laboratories, providing capacity to meet the growing demand for KromaTiD's directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH) structural genomics products and data services.

"The new facility is a major milestone for KromaTiD," said Christopher Tompkins, KromaTiD's president and CEO. 

"In addition to immediately expanding our capacity for dGH testing, we will be launching fully automated, high-throughput, whole genome structural genomics screening for the gene editing and undiagnosed disease markets."

KromaTiD said it is transforming the fields of gene editing, undiagnosed disease and oncology through discovery and detection of structural genomic changes.

Based in Longmont, KromaTiD markets a full suite of dGH and Pinpoint FISH products and services, including custom solutions, tailored to meet individual researchers needs.