KromaTiD announces launch of dGH In-Site

Wednesday June 10, 2020 0 comments Tags: Longmont, KromaTid, Christopher Tompkins, dGH In-Site

LONGMONT -- KromaTiD, Inc. announced the launch of its new product dGH In-Site, a single-cell, high resolution, genome-wide DNA insert tracking assay.Kromatid_logoUSE 

dGH In-Site enables researchers to directly measure the degree of DNA integration at a target while at the same time measuring off-target integration. In-Site provides a comprehensive high-specificity measurement of small DNA inserts that is not possible with any other method, the company said. 

"We have always focused on providing custom dGH solutions to gene editing and pharmaceutical companies,” said KromaTiD CEO Christopher Tompkins

“dGH In-Site is the first of our standardized, genome-wide dGH products supporting the entire engineered cell markets. This is data that can help optimize your processes, understand the success of your edits and speed your engineered cell products to market."

KromaTiD said by combining In-Site assays with other Targeted or De Novo dGH probes and paints, researchers can measure the distribution of inserts, profile structural variations and measure edit site rearrangements - all in the same test.  

As a single-cell technique, dGH in-Site measures complex, heterogeneous rearrangements and integration events, providing robust characterizations for a wide range of applications, including gene therapy, genome editing, cellular engineering, undiagnosed diseases and oncology. 

By combining In-Site assays with complementary and orthogonal techniques such as NGS, researchers can measure the complete range of outcomes of their edits, from the smallest indel to the largest structural rearrangement, the company said.