Konnexe debuts with exclusive social platform for IT leader network

Friday March 24, 2017 0 comments Tags: Denver, Konnexe, Jessica Stone, John Shepard, Donna Lynne


DENVER -- Konnexe, a technology company building specialized social platforms for making meaningful professional and group connections, launched today with an exclusive community for technology leaders.konnexe-logo

The Konnexe app is now free to download in the iOS app store for technology CIOs, CTOs, SVPs, VPs and directors of technology teams, providing a defined network for professional collaboration in a comfortable and convenient environment.

“After months of development, Konnexe is excited to launch a technology solution that cultivates and strengthens relationships of trust and value among IT leaders,” said Jessica Stone, Konnexe founder and CEO.

“Technology leaders need a private communication space for their fast-paced world, and Konnexe puts this at their fingertips.”

Konnexe said its mission is to help groups, organizations and communities around the world catalyze and maintain reliable and safe relationships.

With Konnexe, technology decision makers can:

  • Skip the small talk and instantly gain a peer network
  • Communicate securely and efficiently
  • Access the best and brightest minds in their field
  • Easily share best practices
  • Form quality relationships in less time
  • Seek advice and solve problems

“The demands on technology leaders are greater than ever, and Konnexe fills the gap in existing social platforms by providing direct contact with fellow professionals to crowdsource, troubleshoot and collaborate,” said John Shepard, director of global technology for Starbucks Coffee Co. and a Konnexe advisory council member.

“Unlike other online professional communities, Konnexe offers a vetted IT leadership group that’s available to me at a moment’s notice.”

With Konnexe, users can quickly search for people based on their company or organization, skills and experience. In this environment, they can share insights, identify solutions and overcome hurdles through features including:

  • knowledge sharing
  • enhanced search capabilities
  • direct messaging
  • in-depth profiles
  • discussions

Stone, a Colorado entrepreneur with experience in the technology space, built relationships with a diverse group of industry leaders from across the country, which led to her creation of Konnexe, a platform that also can be licensed for any profession, group or community.

"Colorado is home to many trailblazers, and Jessica Stone has now joined their ranks with the launch of Konnexe,” said Donna Lynne, Colorado lieutenant governor and chief operating officer. 

“She provides technology leaders a secure environment to connect while creating additional networking opportunities for women leaders who are underrepresented in this important sector."

Technology leaders can get Konnexe here, and interested licensees can learn more here.