Kindara partners with Helix to develop Kindara DNA

Tuesday August 1, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Kindara, Helix, Kindara DNA, Ira Hernowitz, Justin Kao


BOULDER -- Kindara, a company devoted to giving women the tools they need to take ownership of their reproductive health and meet their fertility goals, today announced a new partnership with California-based personal genomics company Helix.kindara-logonew

Kindara said it plans to collaborate with Helix to develop Kindara DNA, the first at-home DNA test designed specifically to sync with a trusted fertility app.

Kindara DNA will provide women with planning resources and genetic insights into three areas: nutrition, fitness and wellness. The combination of individualized genetic data and Kindara fertility charting will empower women to drive more proactive conversations with their health care providers, the company said.

"DNA sequencing has become a cutting-edge innovation for people who are seeking insights to make better-informed decisions about their wellness," said Ira Hernowitz, Kindara CEO.

"Kindara DNA follows our mission of giving women the affordable tools and information they need, empowering them to make better, informed decisions about their health care."

Kindara DNA, planned to launch in Q1 2018, will provide genetic insights such as iron metabolism, BMI, omega 3 fatty acid metabolism, and folate metabolism, the company said.

Kindara said Kindara DNA promises to be a powerful tool that will help women identify potential future problems, while simultaneously allowing them to have thoughtful, informed and anonymous discussions with Kindara's user base within the Kindara premium app.

"Since inception two years ago, Helix has been on a mission to align with partners that are looking to make a long-term difference through accessible healthcare technologies," said Justin Kao, co-founder and SVP of Helix.

"Kindara shares in our philosophy of empowering everyday people to learn more about their bodies, and we look forward to working with Kindara to offer its community an affordable tool to support users along their personal health journey."