KelSie BioTech closes on $5M in Series A funding

Monday June 3, 2019 0 comments Tags: Boulder, KelSie BioTech, Cameron Keluche

BOULDER -- KelSie Biotech announced it closed the first tranche of $5 million in Series A funding.kelsie-biotech-logo

The investment round, led by Salveo Capital, a leading cannabis focused investment firm, with participation from LA-based Arcadian Capital and other investors, will support the company’s scientific research and market expansion.

KelSie Biotech creates high bioavailability delivery methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients in the medical, nutraceutical and CBD/cannabis fields. KelSie licenses its patented and proprietary technologies which are based on novel particle morphology science and include dry-inhaled powder and true sublingual delivery systems.

The dry-inhaled powder technology successfully completed Phase I Clinical Trials for delivery of a stable measles vaccine.

“KelSie is delighted to partner with Salveo and our other investors to bring effective and convenient drug and supplement delivery methods to more consumers,” said Cameron Keluche, KelSie co-founder.

“We are committed to revolutionizing the delivery of cannabinoids and other drugs with superior bioavailability. Having experienced partners like Salveo and Arcadian is invaluable.”

“We constantly look for new and innovative technology that drives consumption patterns and introduces healthier and more discreet form factors across the pharmaceutical industry,” said Jeffrey Howard, managing partner at Salveo Capital.

“We are impressed with KelSie’s strong patented and proprietary technology, including their true sublingual delivery systems with quick onset times. The company’s focus on micro-dosing is another key differentiator that will continue to attract new demographics of cannabis/CBD consumers focused on low-dose health and wellness.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the entire KelSie team to continue the company’s strong momentum.”

Historically, the most common method for administering medications and supplements has been oral or injection. But the gastrointestinal tract degrades the efficacy of pills and liquids before they reach the bloodstream and there are many complications to syringe-based methods.

KelSie said its patented breakthrough delivery methods revolutionize drug delivery for a wide range of applications.

Most recently, the technology has been successfully commercialized under the SUM Microdose brand, licensed to state operators producing fast-acting, water-soluble CBD/cannabis sublingual tablets. As SUM Microdose approaches its first successful year of sales in Colorado, the roll-out has begun across other states through licensing to additional state operating partners.

“Our consumer brand strategy is focused on investing in companies that truly add value to the consumption experience and have a high degree of commercial scalability,” said Krishnan Varier, managing partner at Arcadian Capital Management.

“We believe that the KelSie’s core technologies provide a framework for the mainstream adoption of cannabinoid-based medicines.”