Iron Edison introduces Lithium Iron battery for solar energy storage

Thursday June 16, 2016 Tags: Lakewood, Iron Edison, LiFePO4, Lithium Iron battery, Brandon Williams

LAKEWOOD -- Iron Edison Battery Company  announced it is introducing its new Lithium Iron battery, a cutting-edge solar battery designed to be fully compatible with off-grid solar, inverters and charge controllers.Iron_Edison_logoUSE    

The lithium iron battery will be unveiled at The Energy Fair in Custer, Wis., June 17-19. The Energy Fair is the longest-running renewable energy and sustainable living event in the U.S.

“We are breaking new ground by offering this Lithium Iron battery,” said Iron Edison CEO Brandon Williams. “Iron Edison has always focused on offering alternative batteries, and we have a lot of experience in setting up all the supporting equipment to work great with our batteries.

“We have taken this experience and built a Lithium Iron battery that is designed from the ground up to be compatible with existing charge controllers and inverters which are used across the renewable energy industry.”

Iron Edison’s Lithium Iron battery uses lithium iron phosphate cells, also known as LiFePO4, known to be the safest and most thermally stable type within the lithium-ion family. Iron Edison’s battery includes an integrated Battery Management System and DC disconnect for maximum safety.

The Lithium Iron battery is fully compatible with industry-leading inverters and charge controllers from Outback Power, Schneider Electric, SMA, MidNite Solar, Morningstar and Magnum Energy.

The Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery is designed and assembled at the company’s headquarters located just outside Denver. The Lithium Iron battery is available in standard 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 48 Volt configurations, with components housed inside a rugged, NEC-compliant steel enclosure.

Capacities range from 2 kWh to 42 kWh, with custom high-capacity and high-voltage models available for commercial applications like peak load shaving and UPS.

The Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery is an ideal replacement for lead-acid batteries, with longer cycle life, smaller footprint, and maintenance-free operation.

Residential applications include solar battery backup, grid-zero and off-grid energy storage. Commercial applications include high voltage battery backup, off-grid telecommunications power and peak load shaving.

“The Lithium Iron battery is the next step in energy storage,” Williams said. “It offers extremely high power in a very small package. The maintenance-free operation of the Lithium Iron battery is a great fit for everyday homeowners. We are offering cutting-edge battery technology in a package that’s easy to install and operate”

Iron Edison will demonstrate a fully functional Lithium Iron battery system at Booth A33 at The Energy Fair on June 17-19 in Custer, Wis. The Energy Fair brings more than15,000 attendees together to learn about clean energy and sustainability.

Hosted by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, The Energy Fair is the longest-running event of its kind in the nation and features over 250 workshops and 200 exhibitors. The Iron Edison team will host a workshop on battery sizing and system design during the event.

The Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery will also be showcased at The Battery Show, Sept. 13-15, in Novi, Mich.

For more information on the Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery, call 720-432-6433, email info(at)ironedison(dot)com, or visit