Innosphere launches investor network

Thursday April 20, 2017 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Innosphere, Mike Freeman, Innosphere Investor Network


FORT COLLINS -- Innosphere, Colorado's leading incubator for  science and technology startups, announced it has formally launched an investor network to support investment in Innosphere client companies.Innosphere_logo_USE

The Innosphere Investor Network is a group of active, accredited investors seeking highly-vetted, investment-ready opportunities.

An existing group of Innosphere investors encouraged the organization to formalize the investor network. The investors saw the need to improve the process of introducing startup companies to the investor community, to improve the quality of due diligence materials available for investor review, and to have fewer, high-quality forums in which investors can meet with startup founding teams, Innosphere said.

"This is not an Angel group," said Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO. "Innosphere leads the due diligence process with each company as opposed to the investors, and carefully manages introductions to the investor network.

“We think the investor network will not only speed up the funding process for investors and companies, but also strengthen Innosphere's core programmatic offering for client companies."

Innosphere's incubation program supports companies in the bioscience, digital health, energy, advanced materials, hardware and enterprise software industries.  

After investors sign an expression of interest form, a confidential link is sent to the investor from an investor platform where investors then set up a private profile. 

Once registered in the network, members will be invited three to four times per year to investor-only events where a limited number of investor-ready companies will present.

Innosphere client companies invited to present to the investor network have existing investor interest, have been accepted into the Innosphere early exit program, or are a portfolio company of the Innosphere Fund. 

For more information or to register for the Investor Network, visit