Infinite CBD announces new line of NANO CBD, utilizes nanotechnology for optimal CBD absorption 

Thursday August 30, 2018 0 comments Tags: Lakewood, Infinite CBD, NANO CBD, Stephen Ryan

LAKEWOOD -- Infinite CBD announced it is offering a new line of NANO CBD products to change the way the world consumes CBD nutrients.infinite-cbd-logo

The company said the new products allow the body to absorb more CBD by consuming microscopic CBD molecules.

"We often hear CBD isn't effective without a full-spectrum oil. This is far from the truth," said Infinite CBD owner Stephen Ryan.

"Our new line of NANO CBD products cater to the consumer and offer maximum effects to set the record straight for the potentials of CBD alone."

Infinite CBD said its new line of NANO CBD products offer higher bioavailability, smaller serving sizes, and are completely water-soluble so the endocannabinoid system gets more out of CBD products.

Infinite said the products utilize CBD molecules that range from 50 nanometers to 100 nanometers in size, about 1,000 times smaller than regular CBD.

The human body can only absorb nutrients of a certain size, so smaller molecules like NANO CBD offer a higher absorption rate and efficacy, the company said.

Infinite said reducing the size of a CBD molecule to less than 100 nanometers allows for NANO CBD products to be absorbed more effectively and efficiently into the body.

Because CBD is an oil, it creates poor solubility within the body. Infinite said NANO CBD completely mixes with any substance to make it easier for the body to benefit from CBD products.