How’s your evolution going? Standing still is not an option. Incremental change is no longer a path to higher value and relevance

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 By Bill Van Eron

Regenerative Value Ecosystem Strategist

Headwaters Marketing & Innovation

When you hear this question, does your mind race to the visual equivalency of running in quicksand or does it quickly generate the pride of being totally immersed in the value tenets shaping an entirely new economy?

I hope it’s the latter, but after waiting decades for corporations to acknowledge and act on the human factors resident in market readiness, I am pleased to say the good news is transformation is no longer an option. Nor are many of the trappings feasible against more open, demanding requirements that now connect organizational success with market relevancy as one ecosystem.

I trust most that have higher expectations of life, friends and family, careers, workplace expectations, community and the care that they each matter, may have observed some of the following:

  1. Trust has continued to erode where we look outside of ourselves to assigned leadership almost everywhere.
  2. Accountability has been treated like a four-letter word.
  3. Relevance in life, work, good times and bad, requires better answers.
  4. Negativity seems to have outpaced hope and insight, at a time when we should all have a future worth celebrating.
  5. I gives way to a more interdependent we. Challenge yourself to invite diversity to achieve this as a value.
  6. Security in one’s self, in technology and confidence of a future for our kids seems under constant onslaught.
  7. Happiness used to be easier and more self-fulfilling personally and to those we are connected with.
  8. Education only starts in school, but the biggest leaps happen when we stay open-minded and
  9. Diversity is nature’s biggest gift, yet so few have embraced its full range of value.

If you have started challenging these as unacceptable, you are on a path of renewal. If not, accepting anything tarnished may just be of your own trappings, begging a change.

You may ask yourself; how do I/we close these gaps. That’s a crucial first step in transformation. That point where our own values and related questions fail to get answers we know should be better. The next step is when we commit to finding better answers or creating them ourselves or in a collaborative venture. This is a time for alliances without walls.  

I have synthesized these prevailing truths that can serve as a compass for more of us to apply and enjoy:

  1. Nature offers lessons that can finally help mankind to join the greater ecosystem of regenerative value creation.
  2. Asking great questions is a better path to transformation than most expensive consultants or technology offer.
  3. Truth and credibility out-trump attention to any life or business agenda that compromises either.
  4. Usability has evolved past product use and now encompasses attitude, values, crucial learning and trust.
  5. Regeneration surpasses the word development as the later means a loss of value, versus value as your compass
  6. Agility that maximizes insight, caring, strategy and actions is far better than current stressful definitions.
  7. Leverage now entails objectivity, new thinking, success outside your industry and outside your organization.
  8. Experience is now less a value rooted in the past and more so principles in action rooted in a future more can enjoy.

All summed up, realizing the power of We as a collective force, in a 'we economy' can get beyond the limits set by others who are risk averse, seeking control or acting on greed. Better yet, challenge the status quo while earning trust, with patience towards those who fail to get it up front, knowing they too will likely regard you as a champion for a better future now. It starts with not taking our values for granted, and challenging ourselves to develop the mindset and skills vital to lead by championing those needs that enrich life, work and community for all.

Bill Van Eron

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