Hoverboards are here!

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If you’re over 30 or have had a chance to rent “Back to the Future II,” you can possibly appreciate this: 

In that movie, which came out in 1985, the film showed the hero, Marty McFly, riding on a hoverboard in 2015. Thirty years into the future is a long time to predict something will happen. 

But it did

In 2015, a version of the “hoverboard” was one of the most-wished-for Christmas presents – right up there with your own drone. 

It was amazing to think that something in a movie made in 1985 would actually turn up in real life 30 years later. 

One note: Today’s “hoverboard” is only marginally similar to the one ridden by McFly, which actually seemed to float in the air and do amazing things. 


OK, that’s the hoverboard from the movie. Now check out this video of a man using the hoverboard available today ($300-$500), which still can do some pretty amazing things – even though it seems to be more of a modified Segway. 


And everyone knows how the whole Segway thing turned out: Instead of the sidewalks of big cities being filled with Segway riders, the devices have mostly been confined to tourist attraction cops and mall security guards. 

But a more McFly-like version of the hoverboard may not be that far away from being found under the Christmas tree. There is now one that can actually float in the air, although it still has a number of limitations (not to mention the $20,000 pricetag). 


In an earlier editorial, I bemoaned the fact that it was 2015 and I still didn’t have my own jetpack as seen in the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball, although the packs have become somewhat commercially available ($150,000 to $300,000) for the rich and adventurous (i.e., people with a death wish).

Here’s the thing: As society and culture continues to hurtle into the future, we’ll undoubtedly see more of these contraptions coming onto the market, beckoning to the risk-taker in us. 

But how many will actually want to put their safety and life on the line to embrace them? 

As for me? I’m waiting for that flying car.

Steve Porter

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