Hercules Electric Vehicles and Prieto Battery form strategic partnership for battery technology

Tuesday September 22, 2020 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Prieto Battery, Mike Rosenberg

FORT COLLINS and DETROIT -- Hercules Electric Vehicles and Prieto Battery, Inc. announced they have signed a Letter of Intent to form a strategic partnership for the development and commercialization of Prieto’s 3D Lithium-ion solid-state batteries for use in Hercules electric pickups, SUVs and other future vehicles starting in 2025.Prieto_Battery_logoUSE 

The 3D battery architecture that Prieto developed and patented provides higher power output and energy density, faster recharging, excellent operation at low and high temperatures and is safer than today’s Lithium-ion batteries.

“We are excited to partner with Prieto to tailor their batteries to our future vehicle applications and performance requirements and to scale up the manufacturing process for anticipated commercial launch in 2025 in our pickup trucks,” said James Breyer, CEO and president of Detroit-based Hercules.

“We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative electric vehicle manufacturer as Hercules,” said Mike Rosenberg, Prieto CEO.

“Hercules’ unique approach to the market will create a distinctive luxury pickup truck with exceptional power and performance, and our batteries will help distinguish it even further with faster charging, higher power output and longer ranges.”

With the addition of Prieto as a strategic partner regarding battery technology, Hercules is building upon their modular design and assembly approach to create and manufacture eco-utility vehicles.

Hercules said it will begin to produce its initial vehicle, the Alpha pickup truck, in 2022 and will soon announce additional partnerships for the design, manufacture and enhanced range extension for their vehicles.