California-based Helix chooses Catalyst campus as new Denver location

Friday August 31, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Catalyst HTI, Helix, Mike Biselli, HumanCode, Chris Glode, Ryan Trunck

DENVER -- Helix, a personal genomics company, announced it has selected Catalyst HTI to be their new Denver office location.Catalyst_logo

California-based Helix said the decision to open an office in Denver was jump-started by the acquisition of HumanCode, a Denver genomics startup founded by local startup veterans Chris Glode and Ryan Trunck.

Helix said it found the Catalyst HTI vision for a healthcare innovation community to be a perfect fit for the company to continue to expand their efforts in product development and partner support.

“We’ve found that there is much talent in life sciences and software development in the Denver area, and are excited to continue to grow the team,” said Glode, now Helix’s chief product officer and former CEO of HumanCode,.

“We’re finding that Helix’s mission to help millions improve their lives through understanding their DNA is a powerful magnet for incredible teammates who want to join us and change the world.

“Catalyst HTI gives us a home that is a perfect fit with our mission and team.”

Helix was founded on the principle that every person can improve his or her life with DNA. Spun out of Illumina, the company launched more than 35 DNA-powered products in the first year of their marketplace opening.

The company is partnered with organizations that include National Geographic and Mayo Clinic to provide DNA sequencing for insights on health, wellness, ancestry and even some that are for entertainment.

Helix operates its own CLIA-CAP accredited lab in San Diego,and is one of the largest exome sequencing labs in the world.

Moving to Catalyst HTI is the next step in the company’s expansion. Earlier this year, Helix also announced more than $200 million in financing and launched a partnership with Healthy Nevada Project, providing the genetic sequencing for one of the fastest population genomics efforts in the world.

Catalyst HTI is a health care industry ecosystem putting together some of the most forward-thinking minds in the field under one roof.

“DNA is the new frontier, and Helix is well-positioned to lead the personal genomics category,” said Mike Biselli, Catalyst president.

“I’m excited for them to represent this field within Catalyst HTI, and inspire all members of the community to learn how their customers, patients, and businesses could benefit from genomics.”