Futurist Thomas Frey earns Certified Speaking Professional ranking

Friday April 26, 2019 Tags: Westminster, Thomas Frey, DaVinci Institute

WESTMINSTER -- The National Speakers Association (NSA), the leading organization for the professional speaking industry, announced Thomas Frey, senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute, has earned the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation.frey-inside-photo

Established in 1980, the CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. About 17 percent of NSA members hold this professional designation.

CSP said Frey has demonstrated the Four E’s of Professional Speaker excellence: Eloquence, Expertise, Enterprise, and Ethics.

The CSP designation is conferred by NSA on accomplished professional speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria. Those who pursue the CSP designation must document a proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise, as well as a commitment to ongoing education, outstanding client service, and ethical behavior.

Frey is one of 41 professionals to earn the CSP in the class of 2019. Frey will be honored during a ceremony on July 28 at Influence 2019, NSA’s annual conference in Denver.

“The CSP is the highest earned designation that can be achieved by a member of the National Speakers Association or Global Speakers Federation member associations,” said 2018-19 NSA President Dan Thurmon, CSP. 

“It’s an honor to recognize the 41 recipients this year. Earning the CSP is no small task. To achieve this designation, the professional speaker must demonstrate documented proficiency over a minimum of five years, must receive positive evaluations from their clients, and must be evaluated and affirmed through a peer-review process.

“When meeting professionals wish to hire a speaker with a high-level of expertise and competency, superior speaking ability, and a proven track record of professionalism and success, they can rely on those who hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation to deliver.” 

Frey’s background includes being Google’s top-rated futurist speaker, IBM’s most award-winning engineer, and the former Innovation Editor of The Futurist Magazine.

Frey is also a regular contributor to InnovatioNews.

With a heavy international schedule, Frey has become a well-recognized figure around the world, speaking on future-related topics ranging from banking, to transportation, healthcare, education, agriculture, 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Frey is also author of two thought-provoking books including the 2017 “Epiphany Z – 8 Radical Visions Transforming Your Future” and the 2011 “Communicating with the Future: How Re-engineering Intentions Will Alter the Master Code of Our Future.”