Front Range BioSciences appoints Cecilia Zapata director of tissue culture

Wednesday August 23, 2017 1 comments Tags: Boulder, Front Range BioSciences, Cecilia Zapata, Jon Vaught


BOULDER -- Front Range Biosciences (FRB), a leading agricultural biotech company specializing in tissue culture propagation of high-value crops, announced the appointment of Dr. Cecilia Zapata as director of tissue culture production.front-range-biosciences-logo

FRB said Zapata brings more than 30 years experience in tissue culture, plant transformation, and plant production, including creating and implementing programs for tissue culture cloning and clean stock programs to ensure only the highest quality material is produced.

Before joining FRB, Zapata served as laboratory manager for Ball Horticultural, a world leader in plant development and distribution. Prior to Ball Horticultural, Zapata acted as laboratory manager for Driscoll's, the world's leading supplier of berries, where she led the tissue culture laboratory and designed and implemented clean stock programs in China and Mexico.

FRB said it focuses specifically on tissue culture propagation in cannabis plants to improve cultivation practices in the industry. Through FRB's technology, cannabis cultivators are able to better prevent against common growing issues such as disease, inefficiency, inconsistency and scale, the company said.

"We are extremely excited to have found a director with the level of knowledge, expertise and experience as Dr. Zapata," said Jon Vaught, CEO of FRB.

"Dr. Zapata brings to the cannabis industry three decades of industrial-scale tissue culture experience across hundreds of varietals and has built large teams delivering millions of clones. She is the perfect complement to FRB's growth plan."

Zapata received her Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from Texas A&M University and her Agronomist Engineer degree from University of Viçosa in Brazil.

Dr. Zapata was also a pioneer in the tissue culture and clonal multiplication of manihot esculenta (cassava) 35 years ago in Venezuela. She also fought the blak tsigatoka fungus having satisfactory results on the banana plants.

- Juan Zapata