FreeWave partners with Resilio for enhanced data transfer, management

Tuesday September 20, 2016 Tags: Boulder, FreeWave Technologies, Resilio, Scott Allen, Ilan Shamir, Big Data, ZumLink

BOULDER -- FreeWave Technologies, Inc., a leader in industrial, secure Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless networking solutions, announced it has formed a partnership with San Francisco-based Resilio, a provider of enterprise and industrial data transfer, BitTorrent-based technology.FreeWave_logoUSE

FreeWave said the partnership will allow users to transfer large amounts of data from multiple nodes, with accelerated upload speeds and increased reliability by de-centralizing the data transfer process.

Earlier this year, FreeWave launched its new ZumLink radio series, a flexible radio platform designed to support high data throughput speeds and third-party applications to enable a programmable edge network.

Resilio Connect's highly scalable, highly dependable software utilizes BitTorrent technology as underlying protocol to transfer data in a third-party application on the ZumLink platform.

"We see Resilio's peer-to-peer technology being a very critical, important element for all industrial M2M communication networks and intelligent Layer 7 applications at the edge," said Scott Allen, FreeWave CMO.

"Resilio's solution is not only innovative, but disruptive as well, and indicative of the future of Big Data optimization at both an industrial and enterprise level."

FreeWave said geographically dispersed enterprises are utilizing intelligence at the access layer via programmable edge solutions in order to streamline the collection, transport, aggregation and analysis of Big Data.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to grow in scale and complexity, the company said, and the ability to deploy solutions that enable actionable intelligence, such as predictive analytics, can have a transformative effect on the organization itself and industry at-large.

"We're excited to combine our Connect solution with FreeWave's cutting-edge programmable edge radio technology," said Ilan Shamir, Resilio COO and co-founder.

"FreeWave and Resilio's partnership will enable customers to manage data across networks more efficiently, add redundancy to the data collected and help merge information across multiple sources to enable faster, more efficient firmware upgrades and dynamic network configurations."