Four of the best gadgets for managing a co-working space

Monday October 8, 2018 0 comments Tags: Patrick King, co-working space

By Patrick King

Having the right space is obviously an important part of creating a co-working environment, but there is so much more to it than that. Even after you’ve stocked up on all of the furniture and technical features, the manager of an all-in-one co-working space has a lot to consider.patrick-king-column

As co-working has grown in popularity, software companies have come to recognize the need for management tools that are specific to the needs of managing a co-working space. Here are a few tools for co-working managers that are looking to make their lives easier and increase the value they offer to members:


If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for managing a co-working space, Nexudus is probably the best option. This software provides a single hub that makes it easy to organize, manage, and control a wide range of co-working functions.

Additionally, it also helps to automate many of the tasks that go into managing a co-working space. It has an easy-to-use system for on-boarding new members, automation for payments and invoicing, access control features and it can also streamline the booking process for workspaces and meeting rooms.


Cobot is a convenient tool for managing co-working spaces, and it offers a good experience for managers and members. This tool comes with a single interface that makes it easy to do things like add new members, manage pricing and plans, and access control solutions.

Cobot even has booking features that simplify the process of managing shared spaces like conference rooms. In addition to that, it has a range of analytics tools that can provide insights into the behaviors and activity of members.


When compared to many of the other co-working management solutions, Coworkify is probably the most simple and straightforward. It lacks some of the more advanced features of other tools, but includes all of the basics and is very easy to use.

Beyond that, Coworkify has some of the most affordable and flexible pricing options. This software makes it easy to manage new members and bookings and has features that allow you to automate invoices and billing. It also comes with tools that can help with marketing your co-working space.


Optix is a co-working management tool that focuses on the mobile experience. It comes with a great range of features for things like billing, booking, and access control. Along with that, it can connect with many of the most popular productivity apps to integrate an even wider range of features.

As an additional benefit, it comes with a messaging platform and directory of users. This can make it easier when members need to contact each other and collaborate.

There is no single tool that is going to take all of the work out of managing a co-working space, but the options mentioned above can do a lot to make managing your space easier. Each one comes with features that co-working members will appreciate. Many of these services also offer a free trial for managers that are trying to find the right co-working software for their space.

About the Author: Patrick King is an experienced digital marketing strategist and content creator who's helped to improve the marketing efforts of a wide range of clients. After graduating from Houghton College, Patrick settled in Denver, where he enjoys exploring the outdoors and playing soccer.