Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat launches virtual trauma-integrated outpatient treatment

Friday April 16, 2021 0 comments Tags: Steamboat Springs, The Foundry Treatment Center, Tom Walker, Michael Barnes

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS -- Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat, a behavioral healthcare provider headquartered in Steamboat Springs, announced the launch of trauma-integrated intensive outpatient telehealth services to provide adults throughout the state with comprehensive care for substance use, trauma, and mental health disorders.Foundry_logoUSE

The new offering expands access to the Trauma-Integrated Care model developed by Foundry Steamboat that addresses typical recovery barriers to improve treatment outcomes.

The need for effective behavioral healthcare is extraordinary. Rates of mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and overdose deaths were climbing before the onset of COVID-19. 

Premature deaths, isolation, financial hardship, increased domestic violence, problematic substance use, and other adverse effects of the pandemic lead health professionals to fear a looming behavioral health crisis. 

Meeting this need will be challenging, organizers said. Finding in-network treatment, convenient appointments, and relevant programming that addresses underlying issues can be daunting. 

"Right now, the people of Colorado need high-quality care that's effective, affordable, and convenient," said Tom Walker, Foundry Steamboat chief operating officer. 

"They also need care that addresses traumatic experiences and helps them pursue safety in their home environment. Unless people can mitigate the reasons they feel driven to use, they are more likely to need additional treatment in the future." 

Trauma is a common underlying factor for people who develop problematic substance use and mental health conditions. The Trauma-Integrated Care model pioneered by Foundry Steamboat chief clinical officer Dr. Michael Barnes, is designed to make treatment more effective by addressing unresolved trauma, helping individuals learn to lead a full and balanced recovery-supportive lifestyle, focusing on home safety, and educating loved ones and family members to support recovery goals. 

"Many of us are aware that significant traumatic events like accidents, combat experiences, and witnessing injury or death can result in PTSD,” said Barnes.

“Fewer people know that a wide range of adverse life events can also lead to traumatization — it doesn't take a disaster to cause trauma. Unresolved trauma impacts our mental and physical health, stunts our ability to experience emotions, and impinges normal function, which can lead to the misuse of substances to self-medicate.” 

Foundry's new Virtual Intensive Outpatient Telehealth Program provides gender-responsive care for men and women. Its clinicians are highly trained and skilled at developing a strong therapeutic rapport through the virtual treatment connection. 

The program is in-network with major insurances to increase access for adults throughout Colorado.