FoodMaven announces new sustainability initiative to reduce waste

Wednesday March 20, 2019 0 comments Tags: Colorado Springs, FoodMaven, Patrick Bultema

COLORADO SPRINGS -- FoodMaven, a Colorado-based startup, announced an initiative aimed at helping hospitality institutions source local, sustainable food products for their kitchens in Colorado and Texas.

The initiative is already in place at Hilton properties in Denver including DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel-Westminster, Hilton Denver City Center, and Hilton Stapleton North.foodmaven-logo

“As part of Hilton’s Travel with Purpose commitment to cut our environmental footprint in half by 2030 and double our social impact investment around the world, we are identifying solutions to reduce food waste and expand sustainable sourcing,” said Terry Jenkins, manager of Corporate Responsibility Americas, Hilton.

“Our hotels are finding innovative local partners to help achieve these goals and make an even greater positive impact.”

Sourcing local food items can be challenging for already-established hotel chains, which often need to reach out to multiple suppliers for specific food products.

FoodMaven retains valuable relationships with local suppliers to navigate the logistics and provide buyers with an online marketplace that allows them to see product in FoodMaven inventory.

FoodMaven said it fully integrates its technology into the hotel’s existing purchasing platform, creating a seamless buying experience.

FoodMaven handles the process from safety guidelines and insurance procedures to securing onsite delivery at hotels and restaurants -- which most local suppliers cannot provide -- and also leads local businesses towards more sustainable sourcing practices.

“More and more our guests and clients are paying attention to sustainable sourcing and food waste reduction,” said Nikki Newman, Hilton Denver City Center executive chef.

“Collaborating with local partners, we are enhancing our guest experience by creating exciting dishes that use quality, local ingredients, all while reducing our environmental footprint.”

The move towards a locally sourced model helps larger institutions meet rising consumer demand for more sustainable and fresher food options, the company said.

Additionally, sourcing local is more cost-effective and can help invigorate a more local economy by tapping local suppliers that face challenges getting their product to a larger market.

“We are incredibly excited to announce this new initiative to help the hospitality industry support local suppliers and directly address the persistent issue of food waste across our country,” said Patrick Bultema, FoodMaven chair, CEO and co-founder.

“The products sourced through our initiative are high-demand items that would otherwise be lost in the food system or go to waste. As we continue to expand into new markets, our process incentivizes cost effectiveness for both buyers and suppliers and forges lasting partnerships that contribute to a more sustainable food system.”

FoodMaven currently serves hospitality institutions in Colorado and plans to expand nationwide.