Floify releases native E-signature solution for Disclosure Desk

Wednesday February 17, 2021 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Floify, E-Sign for Disclosure Desk, Dave Sims

BOULDER -- Floify, a leading provider of digital loan origination technology, today announced it released a major update to Floify E-Sign, the company’s popular native e-signature solution, to include support for Disclosure Desk.Floify-logo 

Floify said its E-Sign for Disclosure Desk enables enterprise lenders to seamlessly integrate their existing loan origination system (LOS) with Floify and the platform’s built-in e-signature solution to create a mobile-friendly point-of-sale (POS) system that streamlines the origination and disclosure process.

The end result is a comprehensive, single-access mortgage borrowing experience that can support any situation, on any device, from anywhere with internet access, the company said.

Floify E-Sign for Disclosure Desk further simplifies the loan process and improves lender ROI by delivering dynamic functionality, including drag-and-drop signature fields, custom inputs, text areas, checkboxes, dropdowns and radio buttons, as well as templated documents.

Additionally, Floify said lenders can choose whether certain inputs are required to be signed and/or checked by borrowers prior to completing the e-signature process. With Floify E-Sign for Disclosure Desk, lenders can empower borrowers complete their loan application and upload, review and electronically sign their disclosure documents from one secure, mobile-responsive interface.

“Floify E-Sign for Disclosure Desk offers a true win-win for enterprise lenders and borrowers alike,” said Floify CEO Dave Sims.

“By enabling the delivery and e-signing of critical loan documents, lenders can maximize revenue for their organization and minimize time at the closing table for their borrowers.”

Floify E-Sign for Disclosure Desk is included with Floify’s Enterprise Plan at no additional cost.