First sports supplement formulated specifically for female athletes and their hormonal cycle coming

Wednesday November 25, 2020 0 comments Tags: Denver, Venus225, Karen Oliver

DENVER -- For too long, sport supplements have been designed for men. Even supplements marketed to women have not been developed for the specific needs of the female athlete.

Prior to the Revitalization Act in 1993, only men were considered in sports medicine research.  Progress has slowly been made since the Act, with the regulated inclusion of women in clinical trials, but supplements are still developed through studies which test women exclusively during their low hormone phase - this avoids all effects women's hormones have on performance.Venus225-logo 

Supplement brands have taken a shortcut to avoid the high costs and complicated research needed to study women throughout their full cycle.

But according to Venus225 owner and founder Karen Oliver, that's about to change.

“We are entering a new age for female athletes and their supplements," she said.

Venus225 is a female-owned and operated boutique company, specializing in sport supplements that focus on helping women become fitter and healthier.

The Venus225 concept and products are based on research and development that emphasize the two main hormonal phases women experience every month, the company said.

This approach to wellness is groundbreaking as it allows women to plan their training and recovery based on how their body functions and reacts to training in conjunction with their female hormones.

The first product Venus225 will release is a series of Electrolyte Powders, which have been developed for each of the two main hormonal phases of the female body through varying combinations of ingredients, which address the specific needs of each phase. 

When women fail to address the range of needs their bodies have throughout their hormonal cycle, they are at high risk for issues such as poor sleep quality, low energy, anxiety, overtraining and adrenal fatigue, muscle mass loss, and athletic amenorrhea. 

This affects not only professional athletes but also active women and amateur athletes.

Venus225 said its products are designed to target women's specific needs at the appropriate times of the cycle, helping to balance out the ups and downs of hormones.

"Our goal is to be more than just another supplement, we want to leave a positive footprint by disrupting the way the world looks at women's training regimens, health and well-being," said Oliver. 

Venus225 products are expected to hit the market by the end of 2020, the company said.