First large-scale vaccination campaign using PharmaJet needle-free injector results announced

Thursday February 6, 2020 0 comments Tags: Golden, PharmaJet, Ron Lowy

GOLDEN -- PharmaJet, maker of innovative, needle-free injection technology, today announced publication of independent survey results from the first large-scale campaign using its needle-free technology.PharmaJet_logoUSE  

The paper, Needle-free injectors for mass administration of fractional dose inactivated poliovirus vaccine (fIPV) in Karachi, Pakistan: A survey of caregiver and vaccinator acceptability, was published in Vaccine on Jan. 23.

The campaign, sponsored by the World Health Organization as part of its polio eradication efforts, vaccinated 500,000 children, aged 4 - 59 months, over a one-week period in early 2019. 

Data on acceptability of the PharmaJet Tropis® Needle-free Injection System (NFIS) was collected from 610 vaccinators and 4,898 caregivers. 

Of those with prior needle and syringe experience, both vaccinators (97.6%) and caregivers (99.6%) expressed a strong preference for the Tropis system, citing ease and speed of use, appearance, and children's response to the vaccination (less crying/discomfort). 

Among caregivers, 94.7% said they would be more likely to bring their child for vaccination in a future campaign that used jet injectors. 

Importantly, mean vaccine coverage among towns administering fIPV was 98.7% which was an increase of 18.4% over the preceding campaign.

"The polio eradication campaign in Pakistan further validates the PharmaJet Tropis product functionality, and the company's operational readiness to support future campaigns," said Ron Lowy, PharmaJet chair and CEO. 

"We are particularly pleased with the close to 20% increase in coverage which is critical for the eventual goal of eradication of polio."