Envirofit hits milestone: 1M clean cookstoves sold

Monday November 9, 2015 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Envirofit Internatio, Ron Bills, clean cookstoves


FORT COLLINS -- Envirofit International   announced it has reached a milestone of 1 million customers for its clean cookstoves.Envirofit_logoUSE

Envirofit said the milestone represents not only the growing global demand for clean cookstoves but also the company’s ability to scale its operations.

Starting in 2007, Envirofit now has operations in India, East Africa, West Africa and Latin America.  The company makes low-cost, high-performing biomass cookstoves for developing countries that reduce fuel consumption up to 60 percent while reducing harmful emissions up to 82 percent compared to open fires.

Envirofit said the stoves save users up to $200 a year in lower fuel costs and the 1 million stoves over five years reduce 17 million tons of CO2 emissions, or the equivalent of taking 1.18 million cars off the road for a year.

As it continues to scale, the company said it will continue to expand distribution partnerships, create jobs and work with strategic development organizations and investors.

“As we continue our journey to scale, we have learned it requires more than creating an innovative product,” said Ron Bills, Envirofit CEO. “You also need to innovate every part of the business to ensure you reach consumers.

“As such, our ambition is to reach 5 million customers in the next five years.”

Envirofit has issued a report on its eight-year journey called “Cooking in One Million Kitchens: Lessons Learned in Scaling a Clean Cookstove Business.”

The report is available at http://www.envirofit.org/images/news/Lessons_learned.pdf