Ensemble Innovation Ventures launches venture capital platform

Monday February 15, 2021 0 comments Tags: Denver, Ensemble Innovation Ventures, Helen Drexler, Brian Armstrong

DENVER -- Ensemble Innovation Ventures (EIV), a new player in the Colorado healthcare landscape, is launching its venture capital platform, Ensemble Innovation Ventures Fund (EIVF).Ensemble-logo 

EIV said the fund seeks to catalyze innovation in the health and wellness space by focusing on investing in early-stage venture companies where its capital and expertise can serve as a critical springboard to reach market and financial scale.

The team is led by Helen Drexler, serving in multiple roles as president and CEO of Delta Dental of Colorado as well as president of EIV (the holding company of Delta Dental of Colorado) and managing director of EIVF, and Brian Armstrong, managing director of EIVF.

Drexler has helmed Delta Dental of Colorado for the past four years, continuing to advance Delta Dental's dental insurance leadership and now adding diversification into other areas of health and wellness to support a healthier Colorado.

Armstrong brings more than 30 years of capital markets experience including venture capital investment and management, M&A, corporate finance and operations, and corporate strategy, spending the last 10 years exclusively focused on venture-stage finance and collaborating on complex capital deals that drew on private equity, venture capital, investment banking, commercial lending, and debt financing.

"We believe wide-scale improvement in health and wellness depends to a significant degree on faster and more expansive innovation in technologies, service models, products, and industry collaboration," said EIVF Managing Director Armstrong.

"We couple capital with access to critical expertise and perspectives to help early-stage companies create solutions that positively impact health and wellness. We value the benefit of proximity to the founders we support, so we concentrate primarily on the Intermountain West but keep our eyes open for opportunities beyond our region."