Encision introduces AEM 2X enTouch surgery scissors

Thursday August 6, 2020 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Encision, AEM technology, Gregory Trudel

BOULDER -- Encision Inc. (PK:ECIA) today announced the introduction of Its AEM 2X enTouch® Scissors ("2X Scissors").encision-logo-new 

Encidsion said its 2X Scissors bring new levels of performance and economy to the surgical scissor market by combining the best-in-class performance of Encision enTouch Disposable Scissors with the value and economy of a multi-use device.

Encision’s patented Active Electrode Monitoring Technology prevents dangerous stray electrosurgical burns in minimally invasive surgery.

"Encision is excited to launch 2X Scissors to the surgical market," said Gregory Trudel, Encision president and CEO.

"2X Scissors are a game-changing product that will have a significant impact on the disposable laparoscopic scissor market. Encision's enTouch Disposable Scissors have long been the surgeon preferred product because of their sharpness and micro-serrations.

“Our new 2X Scissors provide all those benefits at half the cost per use and reduce hospital waste and the impact on the environment as well. The new thermochromic technology integrated into 2X Scissors lets the hospital know when to replace the scissors with new ones and makes tracking their use simple and easy.

“Superior performance, superior value, easy to use, and easy on the environment – that's what customers want in a disposable scissor. It is the way that everything is going."

“2X Scissors will open new use segments for Encision and create an opportunity for customers to standardize on our entire portfolio of Active Electrode Monitoring (AEM®) products. We are delighted to launch 2X Scissors and look forward to launching other high performance/ high customer value product innovations going forward."

Encision designs and markets a portfolio of high-performance surgical instrumentation that delivers advances in patient safety with AEM technology, surgical performance, and value to hospitals across a broad range of minimally invasive surgical procedures.