Echo3 electric automobiles bring electric vehicles within reach of the masses like the Ford Model T

Friday June 26, 2020 0 comments Tags: Denver, Echo3, Rex Halbeisen, Jeremiah Buck

DENVER -- Electric automobile company Echo3 is bringing electric vehicles to the masses much in the way Henry Ford's Model T did from 1908 to 1927.Echo-3-logo 

The First Model T became available in October 1908. The Model T is the 3rd most selling automobile of all time selling 16.5 million automobiles primarily for two reasons, affordability and new technology.

The Model T touring sedan cost $825 in 1908 or about $22,991. The $825 price tag made the Model T within reach of middle-class Americans. The turn of the century saw the country fascinated with new technology and the Model T brought the technology coast to coast. 

Fast forward to 2020 and Denver-based Echo3 Energy is responding to the need for clean, convenient, efficient and affordable electric transportation for the masses.

With prices ranging from $6,995 to $8,800 ($255 to $320 in 1908 dollars) the Echo3 makes electric automobiles available for more than double the market of the Model T, the company said.

With a 3,000-watt electric motor, three wheels and compact size, the Echo3 makes a bold statement in the forward-moving world of environmentally friendly and cost-efficient transportation.

"What we are seeing in the market is most automotive manufacturers who are making 100% electric vehicles is everyone is aiming their offerings for luxury vehicles,” said Rex Halbeisen, Echo3 president.

“At Echo3, we saw a huge need for those who can't afford a $50,000 electric automobile.”

"Under development for several years, our team set out to bring to the world extremely efficient electric vehicles," said Jeremiah Buck, Echo3 founder and director of product development.

"The Echo3 is 'Efficient, Electric, Energy' puts electric vehicles within reach of so many people. This is how the Echo3 name originated: three Es echoing together."

Research shows the average daily commute is 16 miles one way. 78.5% of a person's trips are within 3 miles of their residence. With up to a 55-mile range, the Echo3 becomes is a great solution for their primary vehicle, not a replacement, the company said.

With a top speed of 35 mph, (which meets all inner-city speed limits), Echo3 is great short-trip transportation. The Echo3 has space for three adults, fully charges in 4 hours with a standard three prong 110v household extension cord. There are also many features of a full-size vehicle, such as a sun roof, Bluetooth stereo and reverse camera.

"Americans need to rethink short-trip transportation. The Echo3 is nearly 10 times less to operate than a standard sedan," said Halbeisen.

The Echo3 is ideal for anyone with short-trip needs from college students, urban dwellers, small-town residents, downsizing seniors, and the environmentally conscious, the company said.

Echo3 Energy is a subsidiary of Tread Global, Inc., a product safety-testing and development company based in Denver and founded by Buck in 2010.