Digitech Systems offers easier remote biz collaboration

Wednesday April 1, 2020 0 comments Tags: Greenwood Village, Digitech Systems, HK Bain

GREENWOOD VILLAGE -- Across the globe, more and more people are heading home to work in the wake of shelter-in-place and quarantine orders.digitech-logo 

But effective telework requires more than simple file store and share systems, which quickly become just as cluttered as your traditional filing cabinets in the office.

Remote workers are discovering that collaboration is tough with tools designed to enable communication but not to share files when they’re not seated side-by-side.

Digitech Systems announced the availability of PaperVision.com, which offers instant, secure access to critical business records from any location.

The cloud-based service also includes business class features like process automation, integration and e-forms in a simple per-user pricing model, bringing true cloud information management to more businesses during this critical time.

Since 1999, Digitech Systems has become known for securely managing sensitive information for thousands of companies, including the Fortune 500, in their existing cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service, ImageSilo.

Keypoint Intelligence awarded PaperVision.com as the Outstanding Cloud Content Management Service for 2020, citing its easy-to-use and sensible feature sets and the simple, straight-forward pricing among the product’s strengths. The evaluators also noted the product’s ability to “help people…get their jobs done.”

PaperVision.com is available in three feature groups, all of which can be used to store scanned documents, images, and more than 250 types of electronic files. Choose from the following options depending on your business needs:

  • Basic – Perfect for five or fewer users, the basic option includes standard upload, organization, and secure retrieval capabilities. It is similar to other file sharing products.
  • Professional – Available for an unlimited number of users, the professional option builds on the basic features by adding electronic signatures, automated document retention and destruction, audit tracking, and more sophisticated security settings.
  • Enterprise – At the enterprise level, PaperVision.com includes all of the features of both the basic and professional options. In addition, enterprise users can setup even more detailed security policies, automate processes, manage email messages and Enterprise Report Management (ERM) data, and create custom e-forms to capture information electronically.

By converting from paper invoices to digital records kept in PaperVision.com, the accounts payable team at Seafood Producers Cooperative was able to reallocate square footage previously used for filing cabinets, saving $891,000 annually.

They’ve also streamlined invoice processes, which has been especially helpful as workers have moved to remote working from home scenarios.

“We’re in PaperVision.com all day long. We find it very easy,” said Georgia Pelton, AP administrator.

“We provide information access and security to healthcare, financial, education and government customers, so our business is included in the Critical Technology Infrastructure Sector by the Department of Homeland Security,” said HK Bain, CEO of Digitech Systems.

“We take our responsibility to provide easy-to-use and effective information management software and services very seriously. Though we’d planned this launch well in advance of the current situation, we know we can help people who are looking for affordable ways to enable remote and telework while giving employees the ability to maintain social distancing.

“PaperVision.com brings a new level of capability and sophistication, beyond mere collaboration, to organizations who want to purchase cloud-based content management at a per-user, feature-based price. Now you won’t have to compromise features or information security to easily enable work-at-home, PaperVision.com makes it simple and more affordable than ever to get started.”