Digital Workshop Center launches Ignite Income Share Agreement program

Friday August 16, 2019 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Digital Workshop Center, Stu Crair, Ignite Income Share Agreement

FORT COLLINS -- Digital Workshop Center (DWC) announced it will launch the Ignite Income Share Agreement (ISA) Program designed to help reduce financial barriers to postsecondary education and strengthen the technology talent pipeline for Colorado’s tech industry.dwc-ignite-logo

Designed in partnership with Vemo Education, a leading school-based educational ISA platform provider, the Ignite ISA Program will introduce ISAs as a new, pay-as-you-succeed and results-based financing option for DWC students.

The ISA program comes with key consumer protections, like a minimum income threshold salary equivalent of $40,000 -- so graduates don’t have to pay if they aren’t earning -- a payment cap and a defined time cap.

“This is a results-based, outcomes focused way to approach skills-based training” said Stu Crair, training director and owner of Digital Workshop Center.

“At DWC, we recognize that students are demanding a pay-as-you-succeed, results-based financing option that aligns with the outcomes we deliver for students.

“We’re excited about the promise that ISAs hold for closing the skills gap in Colorado and providing economic opportunity and mobility for Coloradans.”

“Digital Workshop Center is taking steps to improve students’ lives and the Colorado workforce,” said Tonio DeSorrento, co–founder and CEO of Vemo Education.

“It signals a shift: DWC and other committed institutions are using ISAs to empower students and develop a results-based financing model for postsecondary education. We stand behind them every step of the way.”