Decibullz announces worldwide release of highest-rated custom molded earplugs on market

By: InnovatioNews Wednesday May 20, 2015 0 comments Tags: Loveland, Decibullz, molded earplugs


LOVELAND -- Decibullz, a leader in molded earplugs, announced the worldwide release of its highest-rated custom-molded headphones.Decibullz_logoUSE

The custom earplugs are re-moldable and use the same patent-pending thermoplastic mold technology, the company said.

The earplugs’ noise isolation properties offer the perfect fit for any activity, including swimming, sleeping or any work activity that requires hearing protection, Decibullz said.

The new earplugs come in black, red, blaze orange, blue and pink and are made in the USA. Each package comes with three different-sized silicone tips as well as a set of foam tips for those looking for added protection.

Decibullz said the simplified molding system features the highest NRR-rated custom molded earplug (31NRR) on the market today.


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