DaVinci Institute to offer immersive startup launch course in June

Wednesday April 26, 2017 0 comments Tags: Westminster, DaVinci Institute, Wil McCarthy, Thomas Frey


WESTMINSTER -- DaVinci Institute announced it will introduce its latest program, “The Mindset of an Emerging Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Idea Into a Multimillion-Dollar Company,” in June.

The new program is an immersive how-to course on launching a startup taught by Wil McCarthy, one of Colorado’s legendary startup experts.DaVinci_Institute_logoUSE

“No matter what stage of business development you’re most concerned about -- from the earliest stages of daydreaming to the final stages of wrapping a successful tech company up for sale -- you’ll learn new kinds of strategies few people know about,” said McCarthy.

The Institute said the course has been designed for a range of students including first-time inventors with an idea (or maybe even a prototype), to business people looking to become more entrepreneurial.

Anyone interested in learning how smart startups behave will find this course beneficial, the Institute said. 

Students will learn ideas for prototyping, intellectual property strategy, how to create an R&D plan, secret fundraising strategies, how and when to pivot when things don’t go as planned, as well as testing, certification, pilot production, and exit strategies.

“This is a rare opportunity to ‘sit at the feet of a true master’ and study the fine art of entrepreneurship,” said Thomas Frey, DaVinci Institute executive director.

“It’s a great way to avoid some painful mistakes in the startup process.”

“The Mindset of an Emerging Entrepreneur” will be offered June 5-9 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at DaVinci Institute, 9191 Sheridan Blvd, Suite 300, Westminster.

For more information, visit https://academy.davinciinstitute.com/mindset-of- an-entrepreneur/.