DH2i expands DxAdvantage Partner Program into Asia Pacific

Thursday January 5, 2017 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, DH2i, Connor Cox, DxEnterprise, DH2i DxAdvantage Partner Program

FORT COLLINS -- DH2i, a leading provider of Microsoft Windows Server application portability and management solutions, today announced the expansion of its DxAdvantage Partner Program into the Asia Pacific market.DH2i_logoUSE

Key to the expansion is the addition of Korea Cyber Tech Inc. and ApON Innovative Solutions to the DH2i DxAdvantage Partner Program, the company said. The strategic partnership enables DH2i to provide DxEnterprise software, a first-of-its-kind Microsoft SQL Server container management solution.

According to Gartner's recently published Forecast: Enterprise Software Markets, Worldwide 2013-2020 4Q16 Update (Dec. 16, 2016), the forecast for 2016 global spending for enterprise software will be "$367.3 billion in constant U.S. dollars, with growth of 6.9% over 2015."

The emerging Asia/Pacific market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% through 2020.

"The global demand for Windows Server application portability is climbing at a rapid rate, particularly in the APAC region where Windows Server applications are among the most prevalently deployed platforms for managing business critical data," said Connor Cox, DH2i’s director of business development.

"With a powerful and innovative solution to meet this demand, DH2i is perfectly positioned to enable customers throughout the region to simplify datacenter complexity, minimize OS sprawl and lower overwhelming licensing costs.

“As we expand internationally, we are selectively partnering with innovative leaders. Both Korea Cyber Tech Inc. and ApON meet our goal to partner with well known, highly respected partners that can deliver demonstrable client outcomes."

Since 1996, Korea Cyber Tech Inc. has specialized in selling data protection and datacenter solutions while also providing superior technical support to medium and large Korean corporations.

"When deploying mission-critical Windows Server applications, the most common concerns for our customers in Korea are workload portability, high availability and disaster recovery — as well as managing exorbitantly high licensing costs," said Joon N. Lee, president of Korea Cyber Tech Inc. 

"By partnering with DH2i, we can save many of our customers thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – while dramatically enhancing their application manageability, fault protection and data performance. 

“For our organization, this means increased revenue and a fortification of our trusted advisor status."

Based in India, ApON Innovative Solutions is a collection of experienced professionals, seasoned CIOs and some of the country's best-known thought leaders who converge from various domains, providing proven credentials and track records.

"Microsoft SQL Server is a vital platform for customers throughout India, yet these organizations continue to be plagued with complexity and cost," said Jaideep Khanduja, director, ApON Innovative Solutions.

"With DH2i, we have the solution we need to provide customers the ability to move applications freely and transparently between their physical, virtual and cloud environments, while lowering all associated costs.

“With management streamlined and costs contained, our clients can now leverage their Windows environment on activities that more directly impact their business organization's bottom line. 

“We are pleased to join the global DH2i ecosystem of partners as we work to free our customers from the burden of IT modernization."

DH2i said its DxEnterprise features a first-of-its-kind Microsoft SQL Server management technology that enables workload and data portability—as well as high availability for any Windows Server application or service.