DH2i announces strategic alliance with Red Hat

Tuesday July 10, 2018 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, DH2i, Red Hat, Mike Werner, Connor Cox

FORT COLLINS -- DH2i, a provider of multi-platform Smart Availability, disaster recovery (DR) and cost improvement solutions for Windows, Linux and Oracle databases and Docker containers, today announced a strategic alignment with North Carolina-based Red Hat. DH2i_logoUSE

After thorough testing and validation, DH2i said it is now an official Red Hat Technology Partner and has been certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

"As organizations undergo digital transformations, container technologies are enabling them to build and deploy flexible, cloud-native applications at scale," said Mike Werner, Red Hat’s senior director, Global Technology Ecosystems.

"Enabling enterprise customer success in this area often requires a broad ecosystem working together to advance industry standards and to certify solutions that have been tested to work together.

“By collaborating with companies like DH2i, Red Hat is aiming to help customers accelerate their path to innovation with cloud-native apps."

"We are excited to collaborate with Red Hat to deliver the next gen of digital transformation solutions," said Connor Cox, DH2i’s director of business development.

"The combination of DH2i's DxEnterprise software together with Red Hat's Enterprise Linux operating system will power the apps that run our customers' businesses across bare-metal, virtual, containerized, and private and public clouds, while ensuring Smart Availability, disaster recovery (DR) and dramatic cost improvement."