Crucial confidence follows a conscious, shared, diverse view of the value we create versus false agendas and unchallenged egos

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By Bill Van Eron

Conscious Business Design Strategist

Headwaters Marketing and Innovation


 Loved this T-shirt I bought in New Zealand, as “confident” I would soon lose enough weight to wear it as they did not have my exact 2XL size.

So XL fit my goals. I even dropped 17 pounds but that lasted 3-4 months. Now over a year later, it will adorn a lovely quilt.

Ironically, that false confidence reminds me of how team building & trust posters adorned offices and websites assuming it will just happen if people are reminded with the right words. Hopefully, this sampling of my own false confidence illustrates many examples where we easily say yes to the value, but fail to take on the range of actions crucial to achieving desired…now increasingly vital outcomes.

Stay tuned as I enjoyed being lighter so now have a better sense of the actions I can do to affect more enduring, life-enabling change. “Confidence – The feeling you have before you fully understand the situation”,  nicely previews the requirements of a true system-worthy solution. We’ll get into that a little below.

Look at how common it is to say yes to key desired outcomes and values -- revenue growth, new talent acquisition, customer experience, trust, inclusion, relevance, diversity -- without the mindfulness to see the true system that defines success and that applies all of these principles. Programmed responses don’t cut it. Those system requirements are still foreign to most today, if you measure how few actually achieve the list above as ALL are interdependently connected. You can’t just demand revenue growth as many leaders tried and failed last year (86% per Deloitte). Look at all primary & current obstacles, mindset, needs & what constitutes a system-worthy solution. This longstanding condition of words without crucial accountabilities and expecting outcomes clearly cripples people, business and organizations all over our nation and world. Risk aversion, and getting past “no” or the “fear of making waves” has been a decades long battle for most.

This blog will help shape more meaning and conscious insight to what “yes” really requires so more of us might embrace the unprecedented value of adapting to thrive across the higher core requirements vital to success that bottom line thinking often overlooks or fails to support.

How did we get to this level of dysfunctionality? While employees have long desired better work environs and customers and entire markets increasingly seek organizations committed to a higher definition of value; the list of companies truly acting on these needs is only starting to grow now.

Why? Because there is no other choice. While we feel good about movement in this arena, even if decades late, you have to be aware of the fragility of change. Lots of sudden solutions emerge as noise. Leaders shopping for solutions are not grounded in what that fully requires versus half measures. Some blame the solution provider selected as failing when in truth, most had little clue what they were shopping for, thus easily distracted by noise versus true value.

Don’t expect a long history applying this either, as success today requires a mindfulness that many seeking or offering solutions have yet to master. Conversely, the few companies that do show progress first and apply actions beyond just words, are seen  as leaders. The best businesses function as living systems versus as outdated corporate machines that defy humanity. They soon earn near contagious regard.

If you are on a good path, moving to a conscious model sustains success. Change is a good thing or a shock to business systems where they fail to be open to adapt to thrive. The harder change is, the farther you were from enabling what matters. The cost of inaction or superficial actions way exceeds the cost of embracing change and increasing value. Today, how leaders, employees and market influencers move from high value words we all say yes to, to apply actions that matter and that endure, nicely defines which organizations people will seek out, support and value.

Why will conscious change take the highest priority soon?

  1. Personally -- Just like some give up on weight-loss till too late, we do better when we understand the system we are challenged to survive and change to align to its requirements so more of us adapt to thrive. Thriving may include greater pressure on companies that create processed food, artificially labeled “sugar free” or false “healthy” packaging labels. It starts with self-reflection, better self-discipline and catalyzes system-wide accountability. The larger lesson applies to all of us where we strive to shape careers that shape value and work in environs that appreciate and reward that value. Opposites that need to bond are exemplified by a broken corporate system, where most earn low regard as entrepreneurial environs by the very people those companies wish to recruit.

       2. Organizationally -- Leadership needs to shift its mindset that high value words (trust, credibility, inclusion, culture, effectiveness and more) can just happen by talking about it, even emphasizing it, without                 providing the system it requires to happen and sustain reliably. The long-held tendency to seek a partial or easy start often leads to hiring consultants to speak to, maybe even train you on the importance of               trust, soft skills, reasoning, leadership and more. In fact, while small percentage of companies actually start acting on what they learn, most forget it and fall back into status quo patterns. The great news is                that conscious businesses now outperform all others in the stock market and across their success ecosystems.

  1. Financial Impact -- While some companies do see situational growth, most struggle to sustain it and many more struggle to achieve it. For more than ideal, the early adopter warning signs fail to register with risk averse or uncertain leaders until they see declines in sales, marketing performance as both then face rising costs to win a far lower % of sales each year. Some notice high turnover rates and difficulty attracting new talent. New competitors take space you once held. More astute leaders realize new thinking is absent as is innovation. Employee motivation to make a difference stands at all time lows around 10-15% - Gallup.

How do most try to fix things and what is missing? 

As one who applied and advanced the principles of conscious business by design applying interdependent actions most still struggle to comprehend and master today. With success largely defined by enabled business humanity, anything that falls short or any solution just addressing an isolated part, beg the question “Why not jump all in?”

When you first seek solutions to challenges that you have yet to fully understand, many connect to authors, theorists, traditional change management or recent converts hawking partial solutions knowing leaders still fail to see the whole of it. The weakest position any leader can be in, is not knowing the criteria of a solution before you shop for one. We provide that criteria as well as designing in solutions that factor in why resistance may have had some logical concerns. I gladly acknowledge true solution providers -- even if just to retire in peace -- as this is our collective opportunity to make that difference. Contact me to open up a dialog as you may find the absence of a sales agenda and objectivity suddenly refreshing.

How companies and leaders approach this today:

Top 10 lists -- Witness how long items stay on that list. Now witness all resolved and full capabilities enabled.

Piecemeal approaches -- They never stick and vendors offering them get blamed for failure.

Bring in the big boys -- Most offer very slow, expensive, disruptive solutions that lack the attention to the human condition that either makes businesses fail or succeed with an entire ecosystem against or behind you. Many large consultancies know the significance of need, and logically want in to this huge growth market, so eagerness to enter may not yet be backed by direct experience making it happen, without fail. 

Some are finally recognizing the innovation, agility & value conscious smaller firms, such as ours brings where larger “corporate” solution providers fall short. Notably, we bring greater sensitivity to the human equation, current business, immediate, mid-term opportunities and what’s worth ongoing investments.

Get your collective best going as actions, as words alone don’t matter. In a corporate world still defined by risk aversion, leaders will more easily migrate to and support approaches that address their logical fear criteria of transformation being risky, slow, costly and disruptive to business, when those factors are consciously designed in to a system-worthy solution.

Yes, you can… lower the risks, keep the entire process agile, earn fast ROI, sustain success, stay cost effective, & achieve far higher impact than isolating needs, bringing in specialized help, or holding off yet another year. Trust, confidence, value, inclusion may seem like just words today, but we see the value and the system behind all of those words thus integrating all into a progressive value system all feel connected to. This previews the future of contagious value across employees, markets & influencers…your undeniable interdependent success ecosystem.

Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

Bill Van Eron has enjoyed a progressive career in design, marketing, PR as now a perfect experiential transition to help others transform. While Bill still has deep marketing savvy, his goal is to enable others with talent with a better foundation for success. Bill’s 24 years in HP served as a testing ground for challenging the status quo while earning trust, catalyzing others on global teams to add their insight & talents, and achieving yet unprecedented revenues growth…plus advancing all so tech, innovation and humanity achieve a level of effectiveness that all  see as trusted and relevant. Bill is the CEO of Headwaters Marketing & Innovation and champion for conscious design and ecosystem leadership.