Corporate Alchemy Consortium joins Catalyst HTI healthcare campus

Friday October 26, 2018 Tags: Denver, Catalyst HTI, Mike Biselli, Corporate Alchemy Consortium , Allison Gaughan

DENVER -- Corporate Alchemy Consortium announced it is joining Catalyst HTI, an industry integrator that brings together companies across the health, wellness, and healthcare industries to accelerate innovation and drive real, lasting change.Catalyst_logo 

“As the founder of Corporate Alchemy Consortium, I’m drawn to Mike Biselli’s vision of re-imagining healthcare and want to play our part within this one-of-a kind ecosystem that will eventually lead to unprecedented human, economic, societal transformation and impact," said Allison Gaughan

Corporate Alchemy Consortium is a curated a group of consultants and companies who deliver conscious business solutions for developing healthy, high performing, resilient companies through stakeholder well-being. 

Their integrative, custom approach allows clients to choose from mind-body technology, personal online learning, coaching, training, consulting, to off-site experiential leadership retreats to support organizations through every stage of leadership and business development.    

Sustained well-being and success begins with awareness-based systems change and is the most effective way to approach innovation and design.

“Profound change depends on a shared vision, framework, methods, and narrative and having Corporate Alchemy Consortium as a Catalyst HTI community member will strengthen our ability to achieve our short and long-term goals of delivering the transformation our nation so desperately needs,” said Mike Biselli, Catalyst HTI president.