Convercent releases Convercent 4.0, most important product to date

Wednesday October 5, 2016 0 comments Tags: Denver, Convercent, Convercent 4.0, Philip Winterburn


DENVER -- Convercent, a leading provider of compliance management software, today announced the release of Convercent 4.0, the company's biggest release to date.Convercent_logoUSE

The product pushes the compliance industry to new innovations with an integrated way of managing compliance, the company said, including enhancements to conflicts-of-interest management, case escalation routing and in-app multi-lingual support.

"Convercent 4.0 is the latest milestone not only in Convercent's mission to bring cutting-edge technology to this underserved market, but is one for the industry and companies around the globe in combatting bribery, modern slavery, corruption and many more crimes we see taking over the headlines each day," said Philip Winterburn, Convercent’s chief product officer.

"Compliance programs can now expand their effectiveness, reach and breadth. This single release will transform how organizations track and mitigate risk using a targeted approach integrated with real-time visibility and analysis." 

"This release is a game-changer for all of us living in the everyday realities of compliance," said Karyn Boston, chief compliance & privacy officer at Florida International University.

"What Convercent 4.0 will provide to the industry is a truly streamlined approach that will position the company's we represent and the employees we protect to operate as safe as possible, with high standards of accountability and one that keeps up the ever-changing demands of a global workforce."

Convercent 4.0 includes the following new features and functionalities:

  • Conflicts of Interest 2.0
    The industry's best conflicts-of-interest solution just got better with new enhancements that push the limits of innovation. Users can create customizable disclosure forms or leverage a pre-built best-in-class form -- either option integrates with an existing COI process.
  • Smart Escalation 
    A ground-breaking new way to escalate issues, users can set up pre-configured routing rules to catch keywords like job titles for special escalation rules. 
  • Translations Across All Solutions 
    Users can set the tone and create a positive and respectful experience by giving employees a main compliance portal that is in their preferred language. Convercent supports 12 languages. 

Convercent said it is now Privacy Shield Certified, which helps keep global customers’ data safe. The certification signifies that the product has met all requirements of the EU-US Privacy Shield, which imposes stronger obligations on U.S. companies to protect EU personal data.