Conga adds new features to digital doc system

Thursday November 8, 2018 Tags: Broomfield, Conga, Matthew J. Schiltz

BROOMFIELD -- Conga, an application provider for companies looking to automate and enhance their business productivity through end-to-end Digital Document Transformation, today announced the company is adding eSignature, redlining and data True-up® as standard features to their document generation product, Conga Composer Enterprise Edition.conga-logo

Available to new and existing Composer Enterprise edition customers, the new offering creates a standard, comprehensive package that enables end-to-end digital document transformation for customers looking to create, negotiate and sign documents all in one application.

“Today’s businesses run on digital documents -- it is how we conduct business globally. People aren’t satisfied with their document processes and their efforts to transform digitally still have major friction points,” said Matthew J. Schiltz, Conga’s CEO.

“By building Conga Sign and Conga Negotiator into the Conga Composer Enterprise Edition, we have raised the bar. Now all modern enterprise document generation products must transform the entire end-to-end document cycle; from creation to negotiation to electronic signature. Customers are demanding true Digital Document Transformation in order to finally eliminate those friction points and modernize their document related business outcomes.”

The addition of Conga’s eSignature (Conga Sign) and redlining (Conga Negotiator) to Conga’s Composer Enterprise Document Generation Edition is intended to fundamentally change the way the market sees document related solutions, the company said.

Conga said it believes providers in the document space must be able to offer solutions for the entire document process, such as Conga Composer Enterprise, or be flexible enough to offer the ability for customers to “build as they go,” starting at any one part of the document process.

Conga said the innovations are the result of customer feedback regarding the importance of addressing the entire end-to-end document process and the desire to be able to work with a single trusted vendor.

Offering bundled functionality around document generation, eSignature and negotiation now become the standard to driving customer efficiencies, saving time and executing greater transaction volumes faster.

Conga said it is not only accelerating the usual speed of commerce but is reinforcing its commitments to the Digital Document Transformation industry by providing unlimited signature transactions, and basic redlining in a modern, easy-to-use experience.

With the new features, Conga said users can create customized documents -- with rich text, images and eSignature -- through a single trusted partner solution. Conga’s top-rated global 24/7 support can address the contract execution process, from start to finish, without having to pass off pieces of support based on third-party applications.