Concentric appoints Jarrett Chambers EVP and chief commercial officer

Tuesday February 12, 2019 0 comments Tags: Centennial, Concentric, Jarrett Chambers, Donald R. Marvin

CENTENNIAL -- Concentric Ag Corporation, a leading developer of biological and plant nutrient inputs, has appointed Jarrett Chambers as executive vice president, marketing and sales and chief commercial officer.concengtric-logo

Chambers is a leading expert in the interaction of nutrients and the integration of metabolites and bioactivators in plant physiology. He co-founded ATP Nutrition, a wholly owned subsidiary of Concentric and one of the largest plant nutrient suppliers in Canada.

Prior to establishing ATP Nutrition, Chambers held lead agronomic technical positions with various multinational fertilizer companies. This experience enabled him to take product innovations such as ESN (slow-release fertilizer) from concept to commercialization.

Over the past two decades, he has focused on understanding the physiology and interaction of nutrients within the plant. He leveraged his nutrient knowledge in the fruit, vegetable, turf grass and nursery markets to develop the current ATP Nutrition product line for broadacre crops.

"His expertise in developing essential plant nutrient products that precisely target growers' needs is unique in the industry," said Donald R. Marvin, Concentric president and CEO.

"He'll bring that expertise to lead Concentric's team of product development, sales and marketing professionals across North America and eventually in other regions that the company has targeted in its global expansion plans." 

Chambers holds a Master of Science in Soil Fertility and Microbiology degree from the University of Manitoba, where his research included determining the mode of action of JumpStart and Agrotain technologies.