Comcast to increase Internet service speeds for customers at no cost

Wednesday January 10, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Comcast, XFINITY, Rich Jennings

DENVER -- Comcast announced it is increasing the speeds of its Xfinity Internet service packages for existing customers in Colorado at no additional cost.Comcast_logoUSE

Speed increases will vary based on the Xfinity Internet customers’ current speed subscriptions, and the majority will see an increase of 50 Mbps, Comcast said.

New and existing customers can expect to experience enhanced speeds this month.

Here are the details:

Internet Tier/Customer Package


Current Speed(Mbps)


New Speed(Mbps)

Performance Starter



Performance Plus



Performance Pro



Blast! Pro



“We want our customers to be able to quickly connect with what’s important to them,” said Rich Jennings, senior VP of Comcast’s Mountain West Region.

“We want them to see added value in their Xfinity service by spending more time enjoying their entertainment and less time waiting on it to download. Year after year, we continue to deliver the fastest speeds to our customers ensuring they reliably connect to the moments that matter most.”

To get the increased speeds, most customers will simply need to re-start their modems when notified by Comcast that the new speed is available.

Comcast will also notify customers who may need to upgrade their modems to receive the increased speeds.

Those who own their own modems and need to upgrade them to receive the increased speeds will need to purchase a new one or can lease a new modem from Comcast.

Customers who lease modems from Comcast can upgrade their modem for no additional charge, the company said. Upgraded modems come with the xFi application suite, which allows for better visibility and control of customers’ home WiFi networks.