Colorado Tri-Flo Systems releases VIRUS 100 to destroy surface viruses

Friday March 20, 2020 0 comments Tags: Longmont, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, VIRUS-100, Ron Elsis

LONGMONT -- Colorado Tri-Flo Systems announced it has released the VIRUS 100 thermal airflow solution to effectively destroy viruses on different surfaces and in any space domestically or internationally.Colorado-Tri-Flo-logo 

Scientists have determined that different viruses can be effectively killed at temperatures below 140° Fahrenheit / 60° Celsius in just 30 minutes. The Tri-Flo VIRUS 100 solution can easily and safely heat any space to over 140° Fahrenheit / 60° Celsius — greater than the temperature needed to effectively kill viruses.

This makes this VIRUS 100 solution an important tool to help different populations, like medical professionals, service industries, and government initiatives, destroy the virus as it lingers on the surface.

As more viruses spread around the world, it's important to keep everyone safe — including health care professionals, first responders, public transportation vehicles, and other workers still out serving the community.

VIRUS 100 can be used in any space to help control the spread of the virus, sanitize a space where a sick or infected patient was, and ensure that the virus is not living on any surfaces or products.

"Our team at Colorado Tri-Flo Systems is here to provide a safe and effective way to destroy viruses,” said Ron Elsis, executive VP.

“We know that the virus can live on surfaces, increasing the chances of contagion and spread. With our VIRUS 100 thermal airflow solution, we can combat and destroy those viruses that are still alive on the surface with heat to help ensure that our medical professionals and other community members stay safe."

To order or learn more about the VIRUS 100 thermal airflow solution, visit

Both the VIRUS 100 and 100-I (international) packages offer the best industrial-grade heaters around, the company said. Each package contains two 230V electric industrial-grade heaters, two fans, and a laser infrared thermometer.

Currently, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems has a domestic and international model available of the VIRUS 100 electric heater package. This solution can be used in rooms up to 320 square feet / 2560 cubic feet (30 square meters / 75 cubic meters) in size and will raise the temperature in that room to ~140° Fahrenheit / 60° Celsius, killing any viruses in that space.