ColdQuanta UK awarded $3.5M to commercialize new quantum technologies

Tuesday September 29, 2020 0 comments Tags: Boulder, ColdQuanta, ColdQuanta UK, Bo Ewald

BOULDER -- ColdQuanta has been selected to provide cold atom quantum technology for three separate efforts underway in the UK: to lead the development of a quantum gyroscope that will be demonstrated in flight; to develop technology that will enable continuous operation of quantum sensors; and to work with partners on an updated system to improve the integration of lasers into quantum atomic systems.coldquanta-logo 

Totaling approximately $3.5M, the projects were awarded to ColdQuanta UK, a subsidiary of ColdQuanta Inc. founded in 2014 to provide cold atom components, systems, and expertise to the rapidly growing UK quantum technology sector.

“These contract awards demonstrate how ColdQuanta’s cold atom technology can be the basis of a broad range of new quantum applications,” said Dr. Tim Ballance, lead scientist at ColdQuanta UK.

“Our team is excited to have been chosen for these projects, all of which will advance the commercialization of our cold atom quantum technologies.”

The projects are partially funded by the UK government, whose investment through the National Quantum Technologies Programme will total over £1 billion since its inception in 2014.

The funding is being used to accelerate the translation of quantum technologies into the marketplace and secure the UK’s status as a world-leader in quantum science and technologies.

“The UK government is making significant investments in quantum R&D through industry and academia and driving towards the commercialization of a range of quantum systems,” said Bo Ewald, CEO of ColdQuanta.

“Our ColdQuanta UK team includes experts in the application of cold atom technology to quantum sensing, and these awards are an acknowledgment of their expertise and ability to contribute to important quantum innovation.

“The UK government has shown great vision in driving the industry forward and we are very pleased to be able to contribute to these programs and grow our business and presence in the UK.”