Coalfire partners with Virta Labs to enhance medical device security

Monday October 29, 2018 0 comments Tags: Westminster, Coalfire, Virta Labs, Andrew Hicks

WESTMINSTER -- Coalfire, a provider of cybersecurity advisory services, announced it has expanded its medical device security and risk advisory capabilities through a strategic alliance with Virta Labs.

The alliance pairs Coalfire's deep security expertise with Virta Labs' BlueFlow software suite, which was built specifically for medical device cybersecurity and risk management to identify, assess and track patient data flows throughout the care continuum.Coalfire_logoUSE

Coalfire said it has in-depth expertise in healthcare cybersecurity and risk management, providing medical device security advisory, assessment and technical testing services to healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) and device manufacturers, services that are increasingly important to safeguard patients against the risks associated with insecure devices.

The company's healthcare security consultants ensure HDOs understand device inventory, assess threats and vulnerabilities associated with medical devices, review controls and provide recommendations to mitigate residual risk.

Coalfire consultants assist HDOs in developing a comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management program to address security risk to medical devices. 

Virta Labs' BlueFlow software suite provides a complete picture of clinical asset security and a sustainable way to incorporate security into existing workflows, including inventory and device identification, vulnerability assessment and continuous monitoring.

The combined solution will address cybersecurity issues for medical devices at HDOs throughout the product lifecycle, from procurement through disposal, Coalfire said. 

To optimize patient care, medical devices are increasingly interconnected with each other and with organizational networks. While this connectivity provides vast benefits, it presents significant cybersecurity risks to patient safety and privacy.

"Given the attacks on patient data and the known vulnerabilities associated with medical devices, the quality of patient care is at risk," said Andrew Hicks, VP of Healthcare Assurance Services at Coalfire.

"In our medical device security engagements, we have found that many healthcare providers aren't able to manage key processes such as inventory, risk assessment, patching and threat monitoring.

“Our strategic alliance with the elite team at Virta Labs will allow us to provide our customers with a comprehensive, proven medical device security capability, allowing them to manage risk throughout the product lifecycle so HDOs can focus on patient care, not device security."

"HDOs want bang for their buck, which means tuning out noise and focusing on activities that can sustainably reduce risk," said Ben Ransford, CEO and cofounder of Seattle-based Virta Labs.

"In ten years of doing science on medical device security and working closely with stakeholders, we've found two strong predictors of success: does the HDO make security part of routine device maintenance, and do they use the right tools to stay organized?

“Our partnership with Coalfire will help customers win on both counts and save money in the process."