Coalfire appoints Mark Lucas as its new CISO

Tuesday May 31, 2016 0 comments Tags: Westminster, Coalfire, Mark Lucas, Kennet Westby


WESTMINSTER -- Coalfire, a leader in cybersecurity risk management and compliance services, announced the appointment of Mark Lucas as CISO.Coalfire_logoUSE

Lucas has been with Coalfire since 2003 and has spent more than a decade helping enterprise organizations assess the many threats and risks to valuable information assets.

Coalfire said Lucas has dedicated much of his professional career to developing risk management tools that help organizations with IT risk governance programs.

He has contributed to the development of many of Coalfire’s security practices, including Coalfire's SaaS product line and ScanDesk, as well as its Compliance as a Service products and program support.

“Coalfire is committed to investing in and delivering the highest standards of IT security and risk management for our client’s information,” said Kennet Westby, president and co-founder of Coalfire.

“Mark is the perfect IT security leader to ensure a secure future for Coalfire and our clients. We are very fortunate to have him lead our IT security and risk management programs into the future.”

“I look forward to helping Coalfire adapt its risk management practices in light of our rapid expansion and growth,” said Lucas.

“I also look forward to the maturity of our information security program to keep pace with our ever-expanding and innovative security and compliance products, and to continue building partnerships in the private and public sector to build threat intelligence that empowers modern risk management practices.”

Prior to joining Coalfire, Lucas worked as an advisor to some of the largest retailers, financial institutions, governments and university systems. Westby said Lucas’ greatest strength is taking the complex scope of IT security and distilling the process into a prioritized and actionable program for organizations to address their risk management goals.