Clover Leaf University to conduct first study on cannabis effectiveness treating childhood epilepsy

By: InnovatioNews Tuesday August 4, 2015 Tags: Boulder, Clover Leaf Universi, Jason Cranford, Haleigh's Hope, Flowering HOPE Found, Chloe Villano


BOULDER -- Clover Leaf University, a Department of Education-approved occupational program focused on providing the cannabis industry with an educational standard for best practices and corporate business standards, is partnering with Flowering HOPE Foundation, a Colorado-based 501c3 nonprofit, in a joint program to conduct a clinical study on the high-CBD epilepsy therapy known as “Haleigh’s Hope.”Clover_Leaf_logoUSE

The study, set to begin this fall, will examine the safety of Haleigh’s Hope in treating childhood epilepsy. The study is slated to work with 50 patients during the trial.

Jason Cranford, Haleigh’s Hope developer, said the strain has already been shown to effectively reduce the symptoms of epilepsy in more than 300 children nationwide.

Cranford is founder of the Flowering HOPE Foundation and a botanist who specializes in organic cultivation of medical grade cannabis and the development of cannabis infused medical products.

“The United States is severely lacking in clinical research on the safety, efficacy and impact of medical marijuana on specific disease states,” Cranford said. “While there is a massive amount of anecdotal evidence on the role of high-CBD, low-THC, treatments such as Haleigh’s Hope have on diseases such as childhood epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and even cancer, there are no peer-reviewed published clinical trials in the U.S. on this type of therapy using whole plant cannabis extract.

“This is the first study of its kind and we expect the program will be completed quickly and successfully.”

“This is the first study conducted by Clover Leaf University,” said Chloe Villano, the university’s founder and president. “Our institute of higher learning is dedicated to advancing the rigorous study of medical cannabis, and we believe the work we are doing with Haleigh’s Hope will be truly groundbreaking.”


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