Clear Comfort partners with Lincoln Aquatics to better serve pool facilities

Friday April 28, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Clear Comfort, Lincoln Aquatics, Charles Luecker, Steve Berens

BOULDER -- Clear Comfort announced it is partnering with commercial aquatics distributor Lincoln Aquatics, a leading national supplier of commercial swimming pool equipment and aquatic supplies.Clear_Comfort_logo

Clear Comfort said its innovative commercial pool systems combined with Lincoln Aquatics’ market presence will bring commercial aquatic facilities a superior solution for secondary sanitation that reduces chlorine and energy use.

Founded in 1954, Lincoln Aquatics is a leader in the industry, serving commercial aquatics facilities across the nation, including cities, hotels, school districts, YMCAs and more.

“We are excited to bring Clear Comfort’s premium, sustainable pool sanitation systems to our customers,” said Charles Luecker, president of Lincoln Aquatics.

“Clear Comfort has brought a new, proven technology to market that fits with our philosophy and our goal to deliver top quality products that improve swimming for operators and swimmers alike.”

Clear Comfort said commercial pool operators are challenged daily to balance water chemistry while creating a pleasant experience for patrons and protecting their health.

Clear Comfort uses a patented hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation process to enhance chlorine effectiveness, eliminate odor from disinfection byproducts, and destroy chlorine resistant contaminants like Cryptosporidium parvum.

“We are pleased to launch this significant partnership with an established leader like Lincoln Aquatics,” said Steve Berens, Clear Comfort CEO. “Together, we are bringing the nation’s commercial pools the best solution for sanitation available.”

Clear Comfort said its products are certified for use to treat recreational water from spas to waterparks.

Customers of all sizes will benefit from the ability to purchase these easy to install, simple to manage, top quality systems from Lincoln Aquatics and its customer focused team of aquatics professionals, the company said.