Clear Comfort launches next generation of nontoxic pool sanitation

Wednesday November 2, 2016 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Clear Comfort, Steve Berens

BOULDER -- Proven in more than 500 pools across the nation, Clear Comfort announced it has launched the next generation of its chlorine-free pool system that provides customers with a healthier, more enjoyable swimming experience.Clear_Comfort_logo

This new and improved design is available for pools, spas and recreational water, the company said. Clear Comfort is releasing this third-generation product using its patented hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation technology.

The new model simplifies installation and maintenance and boasts a cleaner, sleeker look, the company said.

“We are thrilled by the success our customers and dealers have had,” said Steve Berens, Clear Comfort CEO.

“We have listened to customer feedback and have delivered a new model that is more robust, easier to install and fits a wide range of pools and spas.”

Clear Comfort said its technology provides clean, clear, soft water without the harmful chemicals and disinfection byproducts associated with chlorine sanitation.

Mimicking the way the atmosphere cleans air, Clear Comfort said it uses an advanced oxidation process to create hydroxyl radicals that oxidize contaminants on contact.

Clear Comfort said it will be offering this next generation of its CCW100 system to its pool industry partners on a limited basis through the end of 2016 and opening it to the wider market in early 2017.