Clear Comfort introduces CCW50 non-chlorine home spa sanitation system

Tuesday April 10, 2018 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Clear Comfort, CCW50, Steve Berens

BOULDER -- Clear Comfort announced the release of CCW50, the company’s newest, non-chlorine sanitation system specifically for spas.Clear_Comfort_logo

Clear Comfort said homeowners can now enjoy a healthier, easier and more enjoyable spa experience. Pre-orders are now being taken and general availability will begin in May 2018, the company said.

For more than 30 years, spas have relied on combinations of harsh chemicals and caustic ozone systems. Clear Comfort said CCW50 brings an entirely new class of sanitation to portable spas and hot tubs.

Clear Comfort said its direct hydroxyl injection system simplifies spa maintenance, while providing outstanding silky, clean water without the annoying odors associated with older technologies.

“Hydrotherapy customers present a multitude of needs for rehabilitation and training. Clear Comfort systems complement HydroWorx’s offerings by delivering exceptional water quality,” said Chad Bauer, HydroWorx director of field operations.

“We are excited to bring our customers the best water for our leading hydrotherapy systems.”

The CCW50 is the newest addition to Clear Comfort’s family of hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation (AOP) systems, and marks the company’s expansion to portable spas and hot tubs.

The systems have been proven to provide the best care for all type of water from spas to waterparks, the company said. Clear Comfort said its systems are enhancing the water experience for professional athletes, homeowners, commercial facilities and now spa owners.

“Clear Comfort is thrilled to bring its proven technology to a new set of customers,” said Steve Berens, Clear Comfort CEO.

“Spa and hot tub owners have been looking for reliable water care that requires minimal effort and allows for maximum enjoyment. We are proud to work with multiple strong partners and look forward to all spa owners enjoying the best possible water.”