Choozle launches account-based ad targeting tools

Tuesday March 15, 2016 0 comments Tags: Denver, Choozle, Andrew Fischer


DENVER --  Choozle, a programmatic advertising platform that connects marketers with Big Data insights and real-time bidding across display, social, mobile and video, announced the launch of account-based targeting tools that include CRM matching capabilities and IP addresses targeting. Choozle_logoUSE

As the newest integrations to Choozle's platform, CRM matching and IP address targeting will enhance and simplify the audience targeting process for programmatic digital advertising campaigns, the company said. 

Choozle said it developed CRM matching as an automated feature that will allow clients to onboard any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) file directly into the platform to provide audience insights and targetable consumer profiles on both desktop and mobile. 

The company said its CRM matching and audience targeting solutions empower advertisers to leverage their 1st party data assets to discover and build high-value target audiences applied toward digital advertising campaigns. 

Advertisers will be able to utilize Choozle's in-dashboard reporting to maximize content exposure to select audiences throughout multi-channel programmatic ad campaigns, the company said. 

"Advertisers are evolving their approach to granularly target desired individuals with programmatic ads," said Andrew Fischer, Choozle CEO and co-founder.

"CRM Matching and IP Address Targeting are the ideal tools for advertisers to not only better understand their audiences, but to efficiently reach them across multiple channels with campaigns that will drive engagement." 

By matching a customer's IP address with their physical address, Choozle said it enables highly-targeted digital display and video ads to individual buildings using the IP address as the entry point. Without having to use cookies, this type of targeting is beneficial for advertisers because it incorporates offline data; i.e., registered voter lists, customer databases, modeled data, and direct mail data, said Choozle.

"We wanted to add real-time digital solutions to our intuitive platform to further drive effective ROI for all Choozle platform partners," said Fischer. "The inclusion of CRM Matching and IP address targeting follows our mission to democratize the marketing technology industry by making highly sophisticated and effective tools available to a wider audience."

Subscriptions to Choozle start at $99 per month. To request a demo, visit